What can we do if we work in cubicles in Calabasas?

More and more employees work in office cubicles, often without agreeing with this situation. In various surveys made in Calabasas, Inland Empire, Ontario and Orange County, many people said that they found embarrassing, even unbearable, working in an open space. If it were possible, they would like to work in an office, alone or with other colleagues. Unfortunately for them, closed offices tend to disappear, the main reason being the maintenance costs. In a large space, representing a single room can enter up to 30% more employees than in a space divided into offices. A simple rearrangement of space may improve cohabitation.

This means that we are doomed to bear this approach without being able to change anything? Not necessarily. There are a number of facilities which allow solving the three reasons of complaint: noise, lack of privacy, circulation, responsible for physical and mental fatigue of employees who work in cubicles. In terms of noise, it is recommended to repeat the general rules of respect towards others. There are a number of simple rules: reducing the volume of mobile phones, moving to the colleague’s office that you need, using the hands-free only in meeting rooms or reducing the volume of own voice.

Work in open space means to be at all times watched by the others. Computer screen visibility is the most disagreeable. In some places there have already appeared solutions: the rear view mirror for the screen, which allows you to have a look at the back! ‘No heart attack caused by your boss’ voice, which is 20 cm behind you!’, promises a site selling high tech products on the Internet.

Regarding the arrangement of the offices in an open space, you have to keep in mind the amount of factors that determine the psychic comfort of each employee. Architect/designer envisages a reflection on the reorganization of posts made by some motivated employees. A half day dedicated to this topic can provide management solutions that can be proposed, with the chance of being better received than complaints.

by client December 17, 2013

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